Vitamin B-12 for vegetarians and vegans

We seem to run across more and more people these days who are vegetarians or vegans. Some have adopted these diets for health reasons. And there’s a growing number who believe that vegetarianism is a logical part of wise stewardship of Earth’s resources. So here’s one bit of supplement advice to help vegetarians and vegans:

Vitamin B-12 is of special interest to vegetarians since it is not found in any significant amounts in plant foods. Many vegetable or bean foods that were once thought to supply B-12 (including fermented tempeh, miso, and various seaweeds) have been shown not to contain the form of the vitamin needed and, thus, strict vegans (those who eat no animal products at all) will definitely need B-12 supplementation.

NYBC stocks Vitamin B12 as in a highly absorbable form:


Also available is the B-complex:
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