Supplements for Liver Health

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SUPPLEMENT No. 17 Summer 2010

Liver Health

And, yes! You’ll find liver healthy supplements like silymarin, alpha lipoic acid and Chinese herbal formulas, all described in detail with usage recommendations in a special section of the NYBC catalog pages:


Many Ways to Love Your Liver

Many Ways to Love Your Liver

(reprinted from the NYBC SUPPLEMENT, Summer 2008)

Liver impairment is a frequent concern for people with HIV. There are many different causes, including co-infection with hepatitis, HIV meds that put added stress on the liver, excessive alcohol or recreational drug use, opportunistic infections, repeated resort to antibiotics, or just consuming big doses of the over-processed, nutrient-poor junk that too often passes for food these days! (By the way, we like the rule of thumb for choosing good stuff at the supermarket: if your grandmother wouldn’t recognize the item as “food”—then it’s probably not very good for you.)

The liver is crucial for processing and breaking down wastes, whether those produced by normal body functioning or those absorbed into the system in the form of drugs, alcohol, or toxins. So keeping it in good repair is essential for health. One specific strategy to support liver function is to maintain levels of the intracellular (= “found within cells”) antioxidant glutathione, which plays a key role in protecting the liver as it performs its detoxification duties. Here is a short list of nutritional supplements that are frequently recommended for this purpose: Vitamin C (2–6 grams per day, in divided doses); N-acetyl-cysteine, or NAC (500 mg, 3 times per day); alpha-lipoic acid (300-600 mg, twice daily). (Note that NAC and Lipoic can be taken in the combination form ThiolNAC, one of the key supplements stocked by NYBC.)

Another worthy option for countering stresses to the liver is an herb called Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum), which has a long tradition of use as a botanical remedy. Modern research has isolated compounds referred to as silymarin within this plant, and many studies have pointed to silymarin’s effectiveness in protecting liver cells from toxic chemicals, and even in stimulating the repair and regeneration of liver cells. In 2007, a federally funded investigation identified one component of milk thistle as a potent anti-cancer agent, and suggested that it held much promise in protecting against or treating liver cancer. Be advised that if you consult sources such as the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) website, you may encounter concerns about whether silymarin interferes with HIV meds. But here’s what one National Institutes of Health study concluded: “Milk thistle in commonly administered dosages should not interfere with indinavir therapy in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus.” This and other research, we believe, suggests that milk thistle-HIV med interference is not actually a very signficant issue.

Now here’s a rather unusual dietary supplement that has been investigated for liver health: S-adenosylmethionine (SAM-e). First isolated by Italian researchers in the 1950s, SAMe is synthesized by living cells from the amino acid methionine and can’t be supplemented from food sources. In several European studies of people living with hepatitis B or C, it has been shown to help reduce jaundice, fatigue, and other symptoms. And it’s also been applied to treating alcohol-related damage to the liver. The unusual aspect of SAMe is that there’s also a great deal of published research on its value as an antidepressant and as a treatment for arthritis—so it’s quite a versatile molecule! (See the NYBC Blog at for more details.)

Last, we note that the New York Buyers’ Club, like its predecessor DAAIR, has carefully followed the modern, US-based study and dissemination of traditional Chinese herbal remedies for liver disease. For example, NYBC stocks Pacific Biologic’s Hepato-C and Hepato-Detox, and, more recently, has added Health Concern’s Hepatoplex One and Hepatoplex Two to its product list. Both of these California-based companies have a very good reputation for quality, and both have devised blends based on Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as current clinical experience by licensed practitioners. (Please consult the NYBC website for more information about the specific herbs in these formulas, as well as recommendations for their use.) Of course we’re always interested in hearing about the experience of our members in using these products, and so we welcome your comments and questions—just email us at

Hepato-C and Hepato-Detox (Pacific BioLogic) to support liver health

NYBC stocks the Pacific BioLogic formulas Hepato-Detox and Hepato-C, which are crafted following the precepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and have been used by many of the co-op members over the years to support liver health. Below are detailed product descriptions for each formula.

 Note: in keeping with its non-profit miision, NYBC aims to stock these formulas at a very reasonable price (less than $20 each). 

Hepato-C (Pacific BioLogic) Each bottle, 100 capsules. Each capsule, 500 mg made up of a Chinese Herbal Formula for Hepatitis C: Astragalus membranaceus radix (root; huang qi), Artemisia capillaris herba (shoots and leaves, yin chen/mian & hao), Citrus aurantium fruit (bitter orange fruit, zhi ke), Codonopsis pilosularadix (high grade root, dangshen), Dryopteris crassirhizoma (root, guan zhong),Heydyotidid diffusaherb (bai hua she she cao), Lycium barbarum fructus (lycium fruit, gou qi zi), Magnolia officinalis cortex (bark, hou po (reg)), Paeoneae rubrae radix (red peony root, chi shao), Polygonum cuspidatum rhizoma (knotweed rhizome, hu zhang), Polygonum multiflorum radix (root, he shou wu), Polyporum umbellatum sclerotium (zhu ling), Rhodiole sachelanensi radix (root, hong jin tian), Salvia miltiorrhiza radix (root, dan shen) and Scutellaria barbata herb (barbat skullcap herb, ban zhi lan). This formulation has been specifically designed for hepatitis C infection.

Hepato-Detox (Pacific BioLogic) Each bottle, 100 capsules. Each capsule, 500 mg of an herbal formula designed to strengthen liver function. Combination includes salvia, codonopsis, lycium, polygonatum rhizome, astragalus, reishi, privet fruit (ligustrum),ginseng root (red ji lin) and Cornelian Asiatic cherry. Suggested use is 2 daily before bedtime. For those who want a remedy for alcohol use, 2 capsules before and after drinking.