Maca Root Powder

NYBC recently decided to stock this form of the traditional botanical, which has a long history of use and some newer research as well to support its use. Below is our take on MACA (excerpted from our catalog description).

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Royal Maca (Whole World Botanicals) Each bottle, 180 maca root gelatinized capsules. Each capsule, 500 mg Royal Maca Root Extract along with 2.49 mcg of selenium. This is certified organic by BIO LATINA in Lima, Peru, which so far as we have reviewed here at NYBC appears to be a legitimate certification institution for organic products from this region.

Whole World Botanicals obtains its root from a farm in the high Central Sierra of Peru. Maca, from the root of Lepidium peruvianum / meyenii, has a nutty, malty flavor and is used in traditional medicine to address hormonal imbalances in both women and men. Consider it for managing PMS or menopausal symptoms, for low energy related to hypothyroidism (low function) and may help improve bone strength. Men also use it for libido, erectile function, mood, mental clarity, focus and energy (especially over age 40).

This product is a fair trade product, according to the manufacturer, however it is not labeled as such (yet).

Suggested use varies. For men, 2-6 capsules every day or every other day. For women, if young and peri-menopausal, 2 caps daily. If needed, increase to 3 caps per day in the second month. For women who are not menstruating, 2-3 caps per day for hot flashes is suggested. Evaluate after 5 days and increase by 1-2 caps per day every five days until symptoms are 80% better. Do NOT take with estrogen or estrogenic herbs (may increase hot flash symptoms!). Also do not take with estrogen or if you have any hormone-related cancer.