Lyme Disease: Protocols for use of Zhang herbals

Here is a guide by naturopath Steve Clark to using Chinese herbals for the sometimes difficult-to-treat condition, Lyme disease. As an introduction to this material, we would like to highlight Dr. Clark’s viewpoint on Lyme disease, antibiotics, and natural treatments:

I use natural treatments for most conditions, but I feel antibiotics are an integral part of successful treatment for Lyme disease. However, I do not believe antibiotics are enough for everyone. Some cases of Lyme disease require longer courses of antibiotics and supplemental treatments to facilitate the action of the antibiotic and reduce the effects the Borrelia and co-infections. Most people don’t know what group they fall into, so I feel that aggressive treatment is a good idea initially. Inappropriately short courses of antibiotics, or other treatments like steroids, often drive Lyme into defensive positions and cause chronic disease.

Read the full guide, including detailed protocols based on Zhang herbals at:

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