About The New York Buyers’ Club Blog

This blog is edited by staff, volunteers, and members of New York Buyers’ Club (NYBC), a nonprofit co-op and information exchange founded in 2004 to help people buy the supplements they need in order to manage their health, and also find reliable information on how best to use supplements.


NYBC is a pioneer in identifying and stocking affordable supplement regimens for people with HIV, liver disease (such as Hepatitis C), cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal conditions, depression/mood disorders, diabetes, bone and joint disease, cystic fibrosis, and Lyme Disease. We offer evidence-based, easy-to-understand recommendations about using supplements to manage these and other chronic conditions, while also making high-quality, low-cost products available through our nonprofit buyers’ co-op.

Our website (www.newyorkbuyersclub.org) hosts our online store as well as a wide range of information resources on how best to use supplements to maintain and improve health. The NYBC Blog at www.nybc.wordpress.com offers cutting edge news and reviews of supplements, while our newsletter, called—you guessed it!— SUPPLEMENT, addresses major health topics such as “Keeping an Aging Brain Healthy,” “Supplements to Manage HIV Medication Side Effects,” “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Formulas for Liver Health,” “Vitamin D to Decrease Cardiovascular Risk,” and “Probiotics for Gut and Immune System Health.”

NYBC provides free consultations to help individuals craft a regimen that maximizes potential benefit, and—just as important–create a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the regimen they’re following. Just call our toll-free number 800 650-4983 for details.

New York Buyers’ Club is a 501(c)3 organization, recognized as a tax-exempt non-profit by the IRS, and welcomes contributions to aid its mission.


New York Buyers’ Club – Purchasing Co-op (Store)

New York Buyers’ Club Information Resources


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