New York Buyers’ Club Unveils Revamped Website and Blog, Launches 2015 Revitalization Campaign

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Advances in treatment for HIV, hepatitis C, and other serious illnesses have been made over the last decade, and that’s good news! Many people also utilize nutritional supplements and other forms of integrative medicine to complement standard medical treatments, ameliorate adverse side-effects, and maintain health and well-being. However, many lack information and evidence about those approaches, and have difficulty affording them, since health insurance doesn’t usually provide coverage.

Two decades ago, in the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic, patients and their allies took action: we researched all kinds of possible treatments that might help – some proved helpful, others not. We also formed “buyers’ clubs” to provide information about and distribute experimental drugs, vitamins, and herbs. Thousands of lives were extended and saved. The award-winning film, “Dallas Buyers Club,” tells a story of one of them. Today, only one of these groups survives: We are New York Buyers’ Club.

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Since 2009, New York Buyers’ Club has been:

  • Making available fully vetted, high-quality nutritional supplements at the lowest possible prices, and
  • Researching, simplifying, and disseminating the latest on how supplements can be powerful tools to reduce symptoms and drug side effects, and educating people about the most effective ways to use them – information accessible via our website, blog, newsletter, and social media.

NYBC offers online mail orders of more than 200 nutritional supplement products. Over the past decade, thousands worldwide have become Club members and benefited from our purchasing co-op and educational services. Our members especially value our personalized customer service to answer or research anyone’s questions.

New York Buyers’ Club is a vital resource for many people with serious illnesses such as HIV and hepatitis C.  We have much potential to serve many more with other diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The evidence mounts daily about the power of nutrients to enhance health and well-being, and reduce the adverse side effects of standard medical treatments.

Your support for NYBC’s 2015 Indiegogo campaign will enable us to:

  • Compile more of the latest research on using nutrition to support people with chronic illnesses
  • Publish our SUPPLEMENT newsletter on complementary care more often
  • Mount a national campaign to promote membership in our purchasing co-op
  • Continue to improve our use of state-of-the-art digital technologies to put forth clear nutritional info
  • Engage various disease groups to build partnerships
  • Expand our efforts to attract major donors for new projects
  • Develop new efforts to address the crisis in access to affordable hepatitis C medicines

Your contributions are fully tax-deductible. We are the ONLY remaining non-profit buyers’ club in the USA helping people with serious illnesses. Thank you for your support to keep us going and growing!