Ah, sweet hubris!

Friday evening update: Happy to report that I’m 90% better. Congestion largely gone, energy much improved. 1/31

I wrote about clearing up a cold a week or two ago in a day. It worked quick!! But this past Monday (1/27) something nastier came along. Given the sudden onset, deep bronchial hacking cough, clear mucus, joint pain and headache and extreme fatigue, I think flu is a good bet, tho it could be a rhinovirus (but probably not). But viral it is (so far!)

Monday night was relatively rough but I started to wage battle with this. Every couple of hours, I took a couple of beta glucan, a couple of Resist Immune, a nice blend that sadly Jarrow no longer makes called Wellness Optimizer and a couple of grams of vitamin C. Tuesday I was lucky that I could stay home–and slept a lot. Ate very little, to keep the mucus reduced. I didn’t have the energy to even drop off mail at the post box! Tuesday night I slept well with some extra melatonin and when I woke up, I’d take more of the regimen. Yesterday (Wed) the cough was 90% gone and it moved to my head. I had more energy so I actually got out and did some errands and got some work done. Last night I figured the snot in my head would ruin the night’s sleep–but I slept well! I started taking more fizzy NAC (PharmaNAC), a total of three for the day rather than just one along with Cordyseng. And more and more vitamin C — right to nearly bowel tolerance. One should be aware that ramping up the dose of C like I’m doing can give one diarrhea, but I haven’t hit that yet, quite. That’s “tissue saturation.”

Today, better still tho still some head congestion and fatigue. Will continue the regimen.

While I would love to have avoided this (naturally), I’m still glad I had these agents in my armamentarium to wage battle. I’ll see how fast I can knock this out, resting, more fluids and all of that as well, while keeping alert for any bacterial infection development. While this is annoying, too, I bear in mind that many friends are battling far tougher challenges, and that keeps the suffering in perspective.

As my friend used to say, Onward and Sideways through the Fog!


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