A Resource for NYBC Members and Friends: The National LGBT Cancer Network

Memo to: All Members and Friends of the New York Buyers’ Club

We recently had a conversation with Liz Margolies, the Executive Director of the National LGBT Cancer Network, and would like to recommend the organization as a great source of information for the LGBT community on the subject of cancer. Here’s a part of their mission statement, which is posted on their website at http://www.cancer-network.org/:

The National LGBT Cancer Network’s mission is to improve the lives of LGBT people with cancer and those at risk. We educate the LGBT community, train healthcare providers and advocate for LGBT inclusion in national cancer organizations, research and the media.

–Did you know that LGBT people are at higher risk for cancer?
Learn more about the LGBT community’s disproportionate cancer burden.

–Are you a healthcare provider?
We have a program to train healthcare professionals in LGBT cultural competence.

–Do you want to learn about your own cancer risk?
Create a personalized cancer risk assessment.

–Do you want to work to lower LGBT cancer health disparities?
Learn about becoming a local Network Hub.


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