HIV Support Group in NYC

On Sunday, April 29 I (George) was honored to join the Hi-fIVe support group for people living with HIV held at the LGBT Community Center in New York (W. 13th St). The group is mediated by psychotherapist and all around amazing fellow, Scott Kramer. It was held, even more appropriately and delightfully, in the Keith Haring room.

The discussion was in part about the use of supplements in the management of HIV disease and antiretroviral side effects. I spent some time discussing how HIV affects cells (not just T cells), organs (from the gut to the brain) and systems (immune, endocrine). From the virus to the body–to the societies our bodies live in.

Essentially, this blog is to introduce the presence of the group and Scott for those who think they may benefit. There is time for discussion and working through problems that arise in dealing with this disease and includes those newly diagnosed to long-term survivor. Themes that come up are lately have included isolation and disclosure. They talk about whatever members want or need to discuss!

THe Group runs from 11:30-12:45 at the LGBT Center and is usually in Room 205 (Keith Haring Room) but always subject to change. Reservations are required either by phone: 347-620-5433 or email: before each group meeting. (There may be some weeks in May and June when the group will not meet.)

The following is a brief blurb about and by the moderator, Scott:

Hi-fIVe – A Support Group for Gay Men Living with HIV/AIDS
This is a group to help form community, bonding, and trust for gay men living with HIV or AIDS. Each month we have an overarching theme (disclosure, isolation, medication, etc.) and certainly do go off topic and talk about issues and concerns that affect members in their daily lives. I went to a group like this when I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1995 and, all these years later, decided give back and support in the same the community. This group meets on Sundays from 11:30am-12:45pm at the LGBT Center. Cost is $10 per person, per session and reservations are required to me either by phone: 347.620.5433, or email: Please always check my website, as we don’t always meet each week during the late Springand Summer –

Psychotherapy & Counseling
If you’re looking for therapy, you’ve found the right place – you are not alone. I’m here to help and support you in a safe environment and will work with you to find the best way for you to live a successful and happy life. I can help you explore and understand issues involving: feeling stuck, meeting people, dating, relationships, communication, expressing your wants and needs, feeling lonely, the idea that you can’t be “out” at work, experiencing a single or multiple episodes of unsafe sex, HIV, or any other issues, feelings, thoughts you may be having. As a caring, supportive, and non-judgmental therapist, I’m here to listen and help you discover your options. Services are available for adult individuals, couples, families, and groups in my conveniently located Herald Square office. Please contact me by phone: 347.620.5433, or with any questions, comments, or concerns. Website:


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