Placing a Bet on Vitamin D: Jane Brody in the New York Times

The “Well” Blog in our hometown newspaper, The New York Times, frequently deals with nutritional supplements, and sometimes expresses a bit more skepticism about their value than we believe is merited. So we were interested to see this post by author Jane Brody, which gives a rather sympathetic profile of a doctor and public health specialist who is “placing a bet on Vitamin D”:

…Dr. Kevin A. Fiscella, a public health specialist and family physician at the University of Rochester, has decided to take 1,000 international units of vitamin D each day, based on data from his studies linking racial disparities in vitamin D levels to disease risk and his belief that “it can’t hurt and it may help.”

In an interview, Dr. Fiscella emphasized that his findings strongly suggest, but do not prove, that vitamin D deficiencies cause or contribute to diseases like colorectal cancer, high blood pressure and kidney and heart disease, which affect black Americans at higher rates than whites. The findings are bolstered by known biological effects of vitamin D and by the fact that widespread vitamin D deficiencies occur among blacks living in the Northern Hemisphere.

Read the full blog entry at

For more on Vitamin D dosage recommendations, see NYBC’s entries for this very inexpensive supplement:

Vitamin D – 1000IU (Jarrow)

Vitamin D – 2500IU (Jarrow)


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