Vitamin D and racial disparity in blood pressure

An article published in 2011 suggested that low Vitamin D levels may contribute to higher rates of hypertension (high blood pressure) among African Americans. Higher rates of hypertension in turn produce higher rates of cardiovascular disease and its related mortality. The article examined existing data on blood pressure and detected a significant link between lower levels of Vitamin D and higher risk of hypertension in African Americans. The authors note that Vitamin D level did not emerge as the sole factor explaining racial disparity in blood pressure (other factors include lack of access to healthcare, diet, and stress). They also call for trials to determine if supplementation can impact high blood pressure risk.

Read the article: Racial disparity in blood pressure: is vitamin D a factor?

See further information about Vitamin D and cardiovascular health on this Blog, or in the NYBC entries under Vitamin D3 at


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