Vitamin D may extend lives of people with cancer

Here’s the start of a May 12, 2011 story from the UK publication, The Independent:

A vitamin pill available for a few pence in any local chemist’s shop may have a bigger impact in extending the survival of cancer patients than drugs costing tens of thousands of pounds, says a leading cancer specialist.

Guess what the vitamin is? Vitamin D, the very same one that’s been the protagonist of so many other news stories in the past few years about its hitherto unsuspected health benefits. The British cancer specialist cited, who’s about to present findings at a major conference, has found in his clinical practice that Vitamin D has more benefit for survival in melanoma patients than far more expensive treatments that have been tried.

We were interested to note that another speaker at the same conference will be Joan Lappe, professor of medicine at Creighton University in Nebraska, US, who is one of the authors of an often-cited study from a few years ago, which showed that women taking Vitamin D and calcium supplements had substantially lower risk of developing cancer. (The study was originally focused on the role of these supplements in preventing osteoporosis–for which they are also useful.) Prof. Lappe’s more recent research, according to advance word, points to dramatic improvement in cancer patients’ survival with use of Vitamin D supplements.

To read the entire story, see

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