Cardiovascular disease, Vitamin D & African-Americans

According to a study published in the Annals of Family Medicine in 2010, it looks increasingly clear that low levels of Vitamin D heighten the risk of cardiovascular disease. That fact could help explain why African-Americans, who have a higher rate of low Vitamin D, also have a much higher rate of heart and blood vessel disease than their white counterparts. (African-Americans have a 38% higher risk of dying of cardiovascular disease than whites do.) Why are African-Americans more likely to have low levels of Vitamin D? The researchers mention lower absorption of vitamin D due to darker skin, and lower dietary intake of Vitamin D among the most important factors. The study findings suggest that the rate of cardiovascular disease in African-Americans could potentially be reduced by as much as 60% through Vitamin D supplementation.

Reference: Fiscella, Kevin and Peter Franks. Vitamin D, Race, and Cardiovascular Mortality: Findings From a National US Sample Annals of Family Medicine 8:11-18 (2010)

You can read more about current studies on the health benefits of Vitamin D on this blog. A simple blood test for Vitamin D is available to check levels.
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These Vitamin D formulations provide a convenient way to take the “sunshine vitamin” at the levels suggested by many recent studies.


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