Chinese herbs for menopausal symptoms

You’ve probably heard about the serious concerns raised in recent years regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy and its side effects (cardiovascular risk, cancer risk). There are some traditional alternatives, especially those involving Chinese herbs. These are products from the well-regarded Health Concerns, a US-based company which has developed many of its formulas based on US clinical practice and the precepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In particular, the combination of Three Immortals and Coptis Purge Fire has been recommended for menopausal symptoms. See the descriptions on the NYBC website for further details:

Three Immortals. This formula is designed for women undergoing menopause. Particularly crafted for those with menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, headache or migraine, irritability, palpitations, vertigo, tinnitus, depression, insomnia, low back pain, hot palms and soles, and reduced sex drive.

Coptis Purge Fire. In traditional Chinese medicine, this formula is used to treat intense, acute and localized inflammations and skin eruptions, such as herpes outbreaks, PID, tooth abscess. It also is used for “chronic liver fire conditions” as well as hot flashes and constipation associated with illness or high fever. Used with Three Immortals to manage hot flashes.


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