Higher Vitamin D Recommendations

You may have heard reports about a scientific advisory panel that recently called for increasing the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of Vitamin D and calcium. The same panel also revised upward the “tolerable upper limit,” or highest advisable daily dose, for D and for calcium.

The new guidelines, issued by the Institute of Medicine, are summarized as follows:

Vitamin D; Ages 1-70: 600 international units (IUs) per day. Older than 71:800 IUs. The IOM previously said 200 IUs was adequate for people aged 50 and younger, 400 IU for people aged 51-70, and 600 IUs for people older than 70.

The tolerable upper limit (UL) is 4000 IUs for ages 9 and above (up from 2000 IU in the IOM’s previous guidance).

Calcium: based on age, ranges from 700 to 1300 milligrams (mg) daily with a tolerable upper limit range of 1000-3000 mg.

Note that the recommended daily allowances are basically for the sake of maintaining health. When deficiencies are identified in individuals or groups (such as people with HIV), then higher dosages may be recommended.

See NYBC’s entry on Vitamins and Minerals for further details about multivitamins, Vitamin D, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals:



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