Five Things To Know About Multivitamins

Five Things You Should Know About Multivitamins

1. The published scientific evidence about multivitamins and HIV: a multivitamin can increase survival of people with HIV (AIDS, 2003); a multivitamin can delay progression of HIV disease in people not yet taking HIV meds (New England Journal of Medicine, 2005); a multivitamin + select antioxidants can increase CD4 counts in people taking HIV meds (Journal of AIDS, 2006).

2. An iron-free multivitamin may be the better choice if you have liver impairment or liver disease.

3. NYBC also stocks special-formula multivitamins: Women’s Blend, Perfect Kids, and Simply One (SuperNutrition); Multi Easy Swallow Powder (Jarrow); and Ultra Preventive Beta (Douglas), which, among other features, has reduced Vitamin A, of concern to people with liver disease.

4. NYBC also offers the MAC-Pack and the Opti-MAC-Pack, low-cost packs providing close equivalents of the multivitamin and antioxidant combination that was the subject of Dr. Jon Kaiser’s research on micronutrient supplementation for people with HIV (published in 2006—see above).

5. Multivitamins may be useful for people with other chronic conditions as well: for example, recent studies have shown that people with Type 2 diabetes can benefit from taking a multivitamin, which appears to minimize the kinds of infections typically found in diabetics.

See the NYBC website for further information about multivitamins:



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