Chinese herbal combination as sleep aid: HerbSom

NYBC is now stocking HerbSom Capsules (Zhang) a proprietary extract of corydalis root, jujube seeds and schisandra fruit.

Corydalis, known also as jin bu huan, grows in China and has some evidence suggesting it can help people suffering from insomnia to fall asleep.

Jujube seeds, from Zizyphus jujube, has a long use in Chinese medicine for managing insomnia associated with weakness (as defined in that tradition). Subhuti Dharmanand notes “Zizyphus Combination treats weakness fatigue, and distress due to weakness, which causes insomnia.” Zizyphus is the main ingredient of the formula both in terms of the quantity used and its central action for the treatment of deficiency and insomnia, which are the formula’s main indications.

For more information on these herbal components, as well as recommended dosage, see the NYBC entry at



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