Vitamin A improves response in Hep C

While we wait (ENDLESSLY due to Chiron’s greedy shenanigans) for better treatments that don’t require hideously toxic and costly interferon, there are ways to improve outcomes.

From the EATG:
DDW: Vitamin A boosts response to HCV treatment
Early and sustained virologic responses to standard treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection were markedly improved when patients also received high doses of vitamin A, results of a small trial showed.

After 48 weeks of treatment with standard doses of pegylated interferon-alpha2b, ribavirin (Rebetol), and 30,000 IU/day of vitamin A, 61.7% of patients had achieved sustained virologic responses, compared with 42.9% of patients taking only the standard therapies without the vitamin, Shuichi Sato, MD, of Shimane University in Izumo, Japan, said here.

The addition of vitamin A also boosted early virologic response rates assessed after 12 weeks: 70% of patients taking vitamin A plus the standard drugs had no HCV genetic matter in circulation, whereas only about 40% of patients on standard therapy alone showed viral negativity at that point.

Despite the very high doses of vitamin A tested in the 42-patient trial — the recommended daily intake of vitamin A in the U.S. ranges from 2,310 to 3,000 IU/day for adults — Sato said it appeared to have no adverse effects in the trial.
(click link above for the rest of the article)


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