Mushroom and green tea: parts of a diet that may protect against breast cancer

The International Journal of Cancer has published a study by an Australian researcher that found green tea and mushroom consumption was associated with a lower risk of breast cancer, and less severe cancer in those who did develop it.

The research examined the diets of about 2,000 women from the southeastern Chinese city of Hangzhou — half of whom had breast cancer — over a 14-month period. Higher consumption of mushrooms was related to decreased risk of breast cancer; and those women who consumed mushrooms and green tea were found to have the most reduction in breast cancer development.

The main reason for focusing this study on Chinese women’s diets is that, while breast cancer is the most common type of cancer for women worldwide, the rate of this cancer in China is four to five times lower than that generally found in developed countries. Since both mushrooms and green tea are commonly part of Chinese diets, consumption of these foods might explain this strikingly low incidence of breast cancer. Furthermore, there have been previous studies of green tea and mushrooms and their nutritional components as potentially possessing anti-cancer properties.

We read about this study at


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