D3: Still another treatment note on the “sunshine vitamin”

We get a lot of health newsletters and offers of same in the mail, especially newsletters that focus on dietary supplements. Sometimes it’s hard to get through the pile, but we do keep sifting in search of notes of interest.

So here’s a tidbit from the Mayo Clinic Health Letter. It’s in the form of a thank you note from one of their subscribers, who followed the newsletter’s advice and tried daily Vitamin D supplementation for “unspecified musculo-skeletal pain”–in his case, long-term, nightly knee pain that led to sleep loss and did not respond to physical therapy or acupuncture. The result of Vitamin D supplementation, taken with food every evening: the pain was relieved, and he was able to sleep soundly.

Of course we know much about the role of Vitamin D and calcium in maintaining healthy bones, but this little anecdote suggests that the Vitamin may also have application to some specific everyday quality of life issues. Certainly it’s a low-cost, low-impact intervention!

For more on Vitamin D (the best-absorbed form is D3), see the NYBC entry

D-3 (Douglas)

Many will want to consider this Vitamin D3 + Calcium combination supplement, which provides dosages similar to those used in a number of recent research studies on Vitamin D:

Bone Up (Jarrow)
(available at http://www.newyorkbuyersclub.org)


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