Using B vitamin supplements for neuropathy: recommendation from Lark Lands

Peripheral neuropathy, or tingling/flushing/burning in the extremities (hands and feet), is a side effect found with diabetes, and can also be a side effect of some HIV medications. Here’s an approach to dealing with this condition described by Lark Lands, a treatment educator who has served as an advisor to the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange, from whose online Fact Sheets the following excerpt is drawn:

To treat peripheral neuropathy

Although vitamin B12 is most commonly associated with the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, supplements of other B vitamins may also improve this condition. In her book Positively Well, Lark Lands reports that biotin and thiamine supplements have helped improve symptoms of neuropathy. Other “unofficial” B vitamins such as choline and inositol, which are often included in B vitamin supplements, may also help to treat neuropathy. According to Lark Lands, these vitamins have improved symptoms of neuropathy in many of her HIV-positive patients. She recommends supplementation with all of the B vitamins, as taking only only one of this group can lead to deficiencies in others.

For more information, see the NYBC entry for B-Right (Jarrow), a B vitamin supplement that the purchasing co-op has chosen to stock because it meets many of the recommendations for supplementation with this vitamin (25mg dosage for B1, B2, B3, B6; includes choline and inositol).

Note that for effective B12 supplementation, NYBC recommends the B12 – Methylcobalamin format.


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