Acetylcarnitine for peripheral neuropathy, and as a component of a multivitamin/antioxidant combination

The UK-based information website provides this succinct summary of evidence for use of acetylcarnitine (also “L-acetylcarnitine” or “acetyl-l-carnitine”) for HIV-associated antiretroviral toxic peripheral neuropathy:

A deficiency in L-acetyl carnitine may also play a role in neuropathy related to HIV treatment[4]. Taking L-acetyl carnitine supplements may reverse the nerve damage caused by HIV treatment, accompanied by an improvement of pain in most patients[5]. Similar studies have also shown improvements in pain with L-acetyl carnitine treatment, with one showing sustained benefit after more than four years[6][7][8]. Although the mechanism of L-acetyl carnitine’s action is unknown, it may counteract neuropathy by acting as an anti-oxidant, preventing the damage to mitochondria. Preliminary evidence suggests that carnitine may also be effective in treating other symptoms of mitochondrial toxicity, including elevated lactic acid levels[9].

(You can retrieve the references by going to the original web page,

For more information, see the NYBC entry:


Also note that acetylcarnitine is a principal component of NYBC’s MAC-Pack (a low-cost alternative to the K-PAX):



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