The MAC-Pack: a K-PAX alternative from NYBC

The New York Buyers’ Club continues to offer its MAC Pack, or Multivitamin-Antioxidant Combination pack, which is a close equivalent to the double-strength K-PAX but at about half the cost. (K-Pax is usually listed at $139; NYBC’s MAC Pack sells for $62.)

K-PAX, a multi-supplement pack, was developed following a study by Dr. Jon Kaiser that found an increase in CD4 count among HIV+ individuals using this mix of a potent multivitamin and antioxidants.
At this point, the Medicaid or ADAP formularies of many states include the K-PAX formula. Unfortunately, some people may not have access to these programs and for them cost can be an issue. That is why NYBC designed the alternative MAC-Pack, which is based on products and prices currently available through its nonprofit purchasing coop.

The MAC-Pack includes:

Acetylcarnitine: 3/day, one month supply = $15.50 (one bottle; 500mg/90)

ThiolNAC (NAC + alpha lipoic acid): 3/day, one month supply = $14.00 (one bottle; 500mg/200mg/90)

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate/P5P): 3/day, one month supply = $10.00 (one bottle; 50mg/100)

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin): 2/day, one month supply = $3.75 (one bottle; 1000mg/100)

Added Protection (without iron): OR Added Protection (with iron): 6/day, one month supply = $19.25

All of these components of the MAC-Pack are also available as individual items; click on links for more information.

1) The NYBC package actually has MORE acetylcarnitine than the double-strength K-PAX. Not a bad idea, especially if you believe, as we do, that acetylcarnitine is probably one of the key elements in the multivitamin-antioxidant combination. (Two a day is probably sufficient if you are just interested in matching the K-PAX formula, but three or more can help if you are dealing with neuropathy.)

2) The multivitamins available through NYBC have somewhat different formulas than the K-PAX (see product labels available on the NYBC website for details). Taking an extra vitamin C tab along with the regular multi would make up for one significant difference. And some might wish to take a bit more calcium and vitamin D3 than Added Protection offers, as bone loss remains a concern among people with HIV.

3) K-PAX only comes with iron; for those with liver issues, this is probably NOT a good idea. With the multivitamin Added Protection, you can choose whether to take iron or not. (Please specify when ordering.)


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