Study of “conjugated” lipoic acid

NYBC has been alerted to a new study for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease within the past 5 years. The study is an open label (no randomization or placebo) study of a form of alpha lipoic acid conjugated with soy lecithin, known as Formula 12. This makes for a kind of paste that people take 3 times per day and it is hoped increases the body’s uptake of lipoic. The study is being conducted by the Therapeutic Research Institute.

Parkinson’s disease is a generally slowly progressing disease that can have a variety of symptoms, commonly including tremors and stiffness. The disease arises as a part of the brain, the substantia nigra, slowly deteriorates. One mechanism for this destruction may be the generation of free radicals which damage neural tissue. It is postulated that use of antioxidants like alpha lipoic may help to slow this progression by quenching free radicals.

If you are interested in the study, please don’t hesitate to contact NYBC. You may also review the trial protocol and inclusion/exculsion criteria at the following website:


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