Fish Oil supplements and contaminants: results of a recent survey

The Environmental Defense Fund has released a survey of fish oil supplement producers that rates
them for safety from contaminants. The title of this study is “Fish Oil Supplements – Is The Brand You’re Taking Safe?”

Here’s the introduction:

The public is increasingly turning to fish oil supplements as a source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. But which major U.S. producers of fish oil supplements purify their products to reduce or remove contaminants like mercury and dioxins?

Although the majority of the 75 suppliers surveyed were rated as conforming to the highest standards for insuring safe levels of contaminants in their products, there were a number of cases, including well-known brands and distributors, where there was not enough information provided to reach a conclusion, or where the supplements were judged a “bad choice” because they could not provide assurance that they met safety standards for contaminants.

You’ll note that the two suppliers used by NYBC, Jarrow and Nordic Naturals, were both ranked as
“conforming to the highest standards” and therefore rated as “best choice” for consumers.

See the report at the
Environmental Defense Fund website.

For more information on fish oil and its current recommended applications as a dietary supplement, see
the NYBC entries:

Nordic Naturals

Max DHA (Jarrow)

Nordic Naturals – Pro Omega


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