Lipodystrophy: some comments from Nelson Vergel

Nelson Vergel, long-time AIDS treatment activist and community expert on lipodystrophy, recently posted a good set of guides to understanding this topic:

–D4T and AZT linked to lipoatrophy; some protease inhibitors linked to insulin resistance, which can be related to higher triglycerides and fat cell size in some patients

–exercise helpful for maintaining lean body mass; anabolic steroids for help in regaining normal weight

–supplements like omega-3/fish oil and niacin to help statins and fibrates to lower bad cholesterol (LDL), triglycerides and increasing good cholesterol (HDL)

Also included in the post are reviews of some regimen-switching strategies to counter lipodystrophy.

“Unfortunately,” Nelson concludes, more research is still needed on “lower glycemic index diets, good comparison data of what happens to visceral fat when different protease inhibitors or non-nucleosides are used with Truvada in naives with low and higher CD4 at baseline, diet/exercise combinations, and other supplements like carnitine and others.”

Read the full entry at


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