CATIE Treatment Update: Chromium supplements for metabolic problems in people with HIV

The Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) website has posted news about a new study of chromium supplements for metabolic abnormalities in people with HIV. Here’s the introduction:

Can chromium supplementation help body shape?

A research team at Toronto General Hospital found a statistical link between low chromium levels in the blood and HIV infection, particularly in HAART users. The Toronto team also noted that some of the symptoms of chromium deficiency are similar to the metabolic problems—higher-than-normal levels of blood sugar and insulin and the weakened effects of insulin—in some HIV positive people. So the team later conducted a double-blind study with a modest dose of chromium vs. placebo in people with HIV infection. Their findings suggest that chromium supplementation may confer some benefit(s) in people with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) in the short-term.

Read the entire article on the CATIE website.

This April/May 2008 post from CATIE follows after news of several other studies regarding chromium supplementation and metabolic complications in people with HIV. In February 2008, for example, the 15th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston included a report
entitled “Chromium supplementation decreases insulin resistance and trunk fat.”

For more background on this dietary supplement, see the NYBC entry CHROMIUM.


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