Creatine supplementation to improve cognitive function (memory, reaction time), mood, balance, and cerebral oxygenation

We were interested to see that the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (one of the research Centers at the federal government’s National Institutes of Health) lists a couple of new studies it is funding as of 2007 on the topic of creatine and cognitive function (“brain health”).
The dietary supplement creatine has long been studied as a means to increase muscle mass, strength and endurance, but this new line of research suggests that it may also have a beneficial effect on brain function.

The two NCCAM/NIH studies are “Central Adaptations to Creatine Supplementation in Older Men and Women” (which looks especially at how creatine might improve cognitive function, mood, and memory in older adults); and “Metabolic Neuroprotection: Creatine Supplementation in the Human Brain” (which will study the possibility that creatine supplementation can prevent the kind of progressive metabolic dysfunction that impairs brain function).

For more information on this supplement, see the NYBC entry on CREATINE, which includes dosage recommendations and information on how best to use.


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