Twigs and Bark!

This post is from NYBC’s Administrator, George Carter, who is living with Hepatitis C:

Twigs and Bark! (That’s what a friend calls a lot of the “alternative” stuff I do….he does some too…occasionally…)

Most of you know I’m living with Hepatitis C (tho not, to my surprise, HIV).

My recent bloodwork was a bit of a happy surprise. For the second time, my hep C viral load was very low–even lower than last test: 1940 IU/ml. My liver enzymes were just a little elevated (last check they were normal). The elevation was just a little over normal. Other blood work is normal (platelets good), etc. RBC’s are athletically high! On palpation, the liver is not enlarged or stiff–it feels fine, the doc says.

I can attribute this to not only diet, sleeping, exercise but also a selection of antioxidants and herbs. My list of stuff is also fairly costly. It SHOULD be covered (but then I don’t have health insurance at all). Happily, I am able to get my survival supplements through a generous stipend from NYBC!

Of course, while these numbers don’t correlate with progression as HIV load or CD4 counts do, the numbers are all in the right places.

Email NYBC if you’d like a copy of my protocol. [See or contact info.]
George M. Carter


2 thoughts on “Twigs and Bark!

  1. I want to read in less then four months you are free and clear of the Hep C virus. The candles are lit and may you be healed.

  2. Hey–George here–thanks for the thought! I certainly wouldn’t mind that but if I don’t get rid of the virus, I think keeping the liver in good shape is the more important goal. If I don’t develop cirrhosis or liver cancer by dint of this approach, then I can literally live with the virus. Then I have the “luxury” to await perhaps better drug treatment to get rid of it.

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