Women’s Blend – multivitamin from Super Nutrition

Some information about Women’s Blend from Super Nutrition, which also produces the Super Blend and Opti-Pack multivitamins.

Here are some excerpts from the Super Nutrition description of this multi:

This is a food-based multivitamin, enriched with organic green foods and herbs.

–Includes a robust B-Complex formula to increase energy throughout the day
–Immune supporting, anti-aging antioxidants
–Bone support – 1,000 mg Calcium, 600 mg Magnesium, 1,000 IU Vitamin D, 3 mg Boron and 1,000 mg Vitamin C
–Heart Healthy – 1,000 mcg Folic Acid, 200 mg Vitamin B6, 200 mcg Vitamin B12 plus 400 IU Vitamin E
–Enriched with 600 mcg Biotin & 100 mg GLA
–Special female herbal blend with Pau d’Arco, Peony, organic Nettles and Rosemary
100 mg 5:1 Vitex extract*
–Special flower petal blend, featuring Red Rosebuds
–200 mg Vitamin B6 to help reduce PMS*
–6 tablets per day

*Here’s some additional information, supplied by Michael Mooney at Super Nutrition in response to our request:

> Vitex for PMS.  A placebo-controlled study showed that 20 mg of Vitex extract reduced PMS 28> percent better than placebo. Women’s Blend has 100 mg of 5:1 extract.

> 200 mg B6 reduced PMS 79 percent of the women in a PC study, 100 – 160 reduced it 68 percent.

> http://www.michaelmooney.net/nu7.html


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