Hepato-C and Hepato-Detox (Pacific BioLogic) to support liver health

NYBC stocks the Pacific BioLogic formulas Hepato-Detox and Hepato-C, which are crafted following the precepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and have been used by many of the co-op members over the years to support liver health. Below are detailed product descriptions for each formula.

 Note: in keeping with its non-profit miision, NYBC aims to stock these formulas at a very reasonable price (less than $20 each). 

Hepato-C (Pacific BioLogic) Each bottle, 100 capsules. Each capsule, 500 mg made up of a Chinese Herbal Formula for Hepatitis C: Astragalus membranaceus radix (root; huang qi), Artemisia capillaris herba (shoots and leaves, yin chen/mian & hao), Citrus aurantium fruit (bitter orange fruit, zhi ke), Codonopsis pilosularadix (high grade root, dangshen), Dryopteris crassirhizoma (root, guan zhong),Heydyotidid diffusaherb (bai hua she she cao), Lycium barbarum fructus (lycium fruit, gou qi zi), Magnolia officinalis cortex (bark, hou po (reg)), Paeoneae rubrae radix (red peony root, chi shao), Polygonum cuspidatum rhizoma (knotweed rhizome, hu zhang), Polygonum multiflorum radix (root, he shou wu), Polyporum umbellatum sclerotium (zhu ling), Rhodiole sachelanensi radix (root, hong jin tian), Salvia miltiorrhiza radix (root, dan shen) and Scutellaria barbata herb (barbat skullcap herb, ban zhi lan). This formulation has been specifically designed for hepatitis C infection.

Hepato-Detox (Pacific BioLogic) Each bottle, 100 capsules. Each capsule, 500 mg of an herbal formula designed to strengthen liver function. Combination includes salvia, codonopsis, lycium, polygonatum rhizome, astragalus, reishi, privet fruit (ligustrum),ginseng root (red ji lin) and Cornelian Asiatic cherry. Suggested use is 2 daily before bedtime. For those who want a remedy for alcohol use, 2 capsules before and after drinking.


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