Niatab 500mg from Douglas Labs – sustained release Niacin for use in managing cholesterol

The New York Buyers’ Club now stocks Niatab 500 from Douglas Labs. This timed-release product is better tolerated than regular Niacin formulas (that is, minimizes flushing, which can be bothersome to some), and may be especially helpful to those who are using Niacin on a regular basis in managing their cholesterol.

With federally-funded research now pointing to Niacin + a statin drug as the new standard of preventive care for cardiovascular disease, this is a very welcome addition to the Douglas Labs line. For background on the recent revival of interest in Niacin, see “An Old Cholesterol Remedy is New Again,” by Michael Mason in The New York Times, Jan. 23, 2007.

Niatab™ 500 tablets, provided by Douglas Laboratories®, slowly release 500 mg of pure niacin. Sustained release niacin is better tolerated than regular crystalline high-potency niacin supplements. Niatab 500 is a scored uncoated tablet which can be broken in half when lower dosage is desired.
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Product Description and References from: Douglas Labs Product Info Sheet


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