Multivitamins at the New York Buyers’ Club

Not all multivitamins are created equal–strengths and formulas vary astonishingly, as you’ll find out when reading the SUPPLEMENT FACTS label. Here are some selections that the New York Buyers’ Club membership has chosen consistently. Of course price is also a concern if you are intending to supplement on a regular basis over the years. These are generally one-month supplies, and because of its nonprofit status, NYBC stocks them at low cost: Jarrow Multi-1-3 is $14.25, the Douglas Added protection is $14.50, its Ultra Preventive Beta $17.00, and the Super Nutrition Opti-pack, which is strong on antioxidants, is $26.50.

Note that iron-free formulas are usually recommended if you have elevated liver enzymes or liver disease. The Douglas Ultra Preventive Beta is notable for reducing the Vitamin A in palmitate form, which also can be a concern for people with a liver condition.

Added Protection No-Iron

Jarrow’s Multi 1-3 iron-free

Super Nutrition’s Optipack – iron-free

Added Protection with Iron

Ultra Preventive Beta


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