SAM-e (S-Adenosylmethionine) studied for depression in people with HIV

Elsewhere on this blog, we’ve reported on a new NIH-funded trial of SAM-e for depression being conducted at Massachusetts General and Butler Hospitals. One of the aims of the study is to compare SAM-e to the prescription anti-depressant Lexapro.
We also want to call attention to earlier research that focused specifically on SAM-e as a anti-depressant for people with HIV, who have been shown to have higher rates of depression than the general population. This research was organized by the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America, which has long been a leader in promoting new and significant studies that respond to the needs of people with HIV/AIDS.
The ACRIA study was published in the peer-reviewed journal, BMC Psychiatry ( in 2004. The results of this pilot study were promising and, as the organization stated in its Winter 2004/2005 news bulletin, offered findings of particular interest to people with HIV, who may find it easier to add a dietary supplement to their regimens rather than “yet another drug with potential side effects.”

More on this dietary supplement on the NYBC website:



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