L-carnitine and HIV

Here’s a brief extract on “L-Carnitine and HIV,” as presented by www.aidsmap.com, the website of NAM*, the UK-based HIV/AIDS information exchange.

L-carnitine suppresses the production of tumour necrosis factor, which is responsible for wasting in HIV-positive people. Patients taking L-carnitine have reported reduced fatigue and greater energy.
A six-month study of carnitine supplementation also significantly reduced the frequency of CD4 and CD8 T-cell death and produced higher CD4 cell counts. There is substantial evidence from an Italian research group that L-carnitine inhibits HIV-related cell death by targeting the immune system rather than the virus itself.

* From the www.aidsmap.com website: NAM is an award-winning, community-based organisation, which works from the UK. We deliver reliable and accurate HIV information across the world to HIV-positive people and to the professionals who treat, support and care for them. NAM is a UK registered charity number 1011220.

NAM’s publications are evidence-based and reviewed by two international medical panels and one of HIV-positive people, which ensure accuracy, balance, relevance, and accessibility.


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