NYBC Offers a Low-Cost Alternative to K-PAX

 K-PAX, a multi-supplement pack, was developed following Dr. Jon Kaiser’s study that found an increase in CD4 count among HIV+ individuals using this mix of a potent multivitamin and antioxidants. (Dr. Kaiser was hardly new to the field of nutritional supplementation for people with HIV/AIDS—see his book Healing HIV: How To Rebuild Your Immune System, which was based on many years of clinical experience with hundreds of patients and still, in our judgment, has many valuable insights about everything from assessing and managing gastrointestinal problems, to exercise and diet for people with HIV.)  

At this point, the Medicaid or ADAP formularies of many states include the K-PAX formula. Unfortunately, some people may not have access to these programs and for them, cost can become an issue. For example, the price for the double strength K-PAX formula is about $140 per month, not an insignificant amount for anyone on a budget and dealing with the usual extra healthcare-related costs. That’s why NYBC has designed an alternative to the double-strength K-PAX formula, based on products and prices currently available through our nonprofit purchasing coop. Here’s our suggestion, which is not a precise, 100% match of the K-PAX, but does, we feel, provide a close equivalent–and at a much lower cost:

Acetylcarnitine – 3/day – one month supply = $15.50 (one bottle; 500mg/90)
Lipoic  – one/day – one month supply = $7.50 half a bottle; 300mg/60)
NAC – 3/day – one month supply = $11.25 (one bottle; 500mg/90)
Vit B6 (pyridoxal-5’-phosphate/P5P) – 3/day – one month supply = $7.85 (one bottle; 50mg/100)
Vit B12 (methylcobalamin) – 2/day – one month supply = $3.75 (actually, les than half a bottle; 1000mg/100)
Added Protection (or Ultra Preventive Beta) – 6/day – one month supply = $14.00 ($17.00 for UPB) (one bottle; 180)

Total monthly cost of the NYBC multivitamin-antioxidant package is $59.85. (The intial cost, since you use only half a bottle to make a monthly supply of some items, is $71.10.) This is HALF THE PRICE of the double-strength K-PAX.  Notes: 1) The NYBC package actually has MORE acetylcarnitine than the double-strength K-PAX—not a bad idea, especially if you believe, as we do, that acetylcarnitine is probably one of the key elements in the multivitamin-antioxidant combination. (Two a day is probably sufficient if you’re just interested in matching the K-PAX formula, but three or more can help if you’re dealing with neuropathy.)
 2) The multivitamins available through NYBC have somewhat different formulas than the K-PAX (see product labels available on the NYBC website for details). Taking an extra vitamin C tab along with the regular multi would make up for one significant difference. And some might wish to take a bit more calcium and vitamin D3 than Added Protection offers, as bone loss remains a concern among people with HIV.
 3) K-PAX only comes with iron; for those with liver trouble, this might NOT be a good idea. With the multivitamin Added Protection, you can choose whether to take iron or not. And Ultra Preventive Beta, another Douglas Labs multi, offers in addition to a standard multivitamin formula a variety of food-based nutrients, for an additional $3 per month. 
If you’d like more information on NYBC’s low-cost alternative to K-PAX, or if you’d like help in ordering the alternative package, please email us at contact@newyorkbuyersclub.org and we’d be glad to assist.


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