Regular supplementation with NAC (N-acetylcysteine) can help control chronic bronchitis

This study, published in 2000, looked back at two decades of research and found that regular supplementation with NAC was associated with better control of chronic bronchopulmonary disease (such as chronic bronchitis). Perhaps a good study to keep in mind, since we are approaching the season in North America when respiratory tract problems can become more acute. 

Reference: Grandjean EM, Berthet P, Ruffmann R, Leuenberger P,
“Efficacy of oral long-term N-acetylcysteine in chronic bronchopulmonary disease: a meta-analysis of published double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials,” in Clinical Therapeutics 2000 Feb;22(2):209-21.

Additional note on NAC: it’s an antidote to acetaminophen (Tylenol is the best-known brand name in the US) and can counter liver toxicity associated with  acetaminophen use. Widely used for this purpose in Europe, where NAC and acetaminophen are frequently combined.

See NYBC’s description of

NAC 500mg


PharmaNAC–Effervescent NAC 900mg

PharmaNAC is certified compliant to the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia and USP; it’s a format that’s easy to take and similar to the ACC Akut effervescent NAC (Hexal) formerly imported by NYBC.


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