NYBC takes a look at a Chinese herbal formula for liver disease

NYBC is taking a look at a Health Concerns liver tonic called HEPATOPLEX. Our interest was sparked because a long-time NYBC member attended a seminar led by Misha Cohen, a Lic. Ac. who’s been instrumental in developing some of the Chinese herb combinations for Health Concerns.

To read Misha Cohen’s Interferon Treatment Protocol (as well as general remarks on managing hepatitis treatment using Eastern, Western, or a combination of Eastern and Western approaches), go to


For more information on Hepatoplex, see also the NYBC website:

Hepatoplex One (earlier stage liver disease, little fibrosis)–


and Hepatoplex Two (chronic hepatitis with cirrhosis and fibrosis)–


As always, NYBC’s membership co-op wants to hear about the experience people have with the items we stock. So if you use either of the Hepatoplex products, let us know about outcomes, or about any comments/questions/concerns you may have.

NYBC’s email:  contact@newyorkbuyersclub.org


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